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First fish of the season 2014

Fish Whisperer Charters

Jumbos, baby, JUMBOS!!!!

 Who is the Fish Whisperer?

Capt.' Ben  is Certified in MEDA3, SVOP, Marine First Aid & CPR, and also has his Restricted Operator's Certificate (Maritime)

He grew up in and around Port Burwell and has fished in the Great Lakes and their tributaries for over 40 years but, and has found the best fishing is in Lake Erie.

In his "spare" time, you can find him on the tournament trail, competing and honing his skills with other "pros".

When not fishing the "soft" waters (Summer), he is off on the "hard" water (Winter) looking for those elusive rascals under the ice.

Other times throughout the year he enjoys Hunting for wild turkeys, deer, moose, bear, duck, goose, pheasant etc.

              Gotta' love it!!!!!! Fins, Feathers, and Furs!!!!!

What to expect:

Your day would begin with a quick Safety seminar at the boat. We will go over the location and usage of all safety gear, followed by a quick "man overboard" scenario.

Through out your charter, he will explain his choices of gear and the reasons why he uses them.

He will also explain how to use the electronics on board for finding fish.

So what are you waiting and book your charter today!!!

 *Book early to reserve your date. Deposit required*

**Prices subject to change without notice**

Fuel surcharges may apply if fuel is over $1.30 litre

Fun for everyone!!!